I like tea, rainy mornings, soundtracks, people lost on mysterious islands, assasins, pirates, "g" in Borgia & smell of spring. +

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who did you fuck for this url

I fucked Pedro Pascal (no but really, I did)

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Solange performing at the 2013 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 

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daenerys: someone needs to fight for me
grey worm: i could
daenerys: no i like you
barristan: i'll do it
daenerys: no i like you too
jorah: i'll go
daenerys: no i love you long time shhh
daario: well i guess-
daenerys: yeah you go thanks bro bye
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"The first person to tell me I was beautiful was definitely my mother, she said that a lot. Especially when I felt the least bit beautiful. My mother always said I was really beautiful and I finally believed her at some point." [x]

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Sophie Turner - Vanidad Magazine - April 2014

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The fact that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen are best friends in real life makes me so happy


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They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.
- Find out what?
They’re screwing with the wrong people.

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This is the revolution, and you are the m o c k i n g j a y 

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You know why all the world hates a Lannister? 

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A bastard’s name.

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